Cloud9 is a group of developers that has acquired a vast experience throughout the years collaborating with various companies specialized in FS add-ons. The products developed to date give a clear indication of the capacity the team has reached. The objective is to create high-end products for FS and professional training modules.

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via S.Alberto 19
26027 Rivolta d'Adda CR
P.IVA 01323570190
R.E.A. 164422

[email protected]:
Write to this address if you want any general information on Cloud9 and projects in development.

[email protected]:
Write to this address if you want to offer any material or ideas for the development of new projects with Cloud9.

Please Note: Technical support on all products developed by cloud9 is only provided by the publisher through their forums and web sites.


cloud9 team

CEO - Alberto Sangalli.
web editor - Andy De Luca.
business development - Giacomo Brangi.
developers - Alessandro Cucinotta, Stefano Caputo, Francesco Missarino, Maurizio Massasso, Gianfranco Michele, Francesco Pacchioni, ANSIRIAL, WoWAir, Angelo Moneta.
freelance texture maker - D.R. Stangeland.
graphic designers - Fabio De Luca, Jean Marc Lavezzi.
webmaster - Lorenzo Maineri.

All the activities of our team:

- Milan Flight Simulator Show 2003
- 5th Flight Simulator Show Forlì
- Milan Flight Simulator Show 2004


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