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The area of this small island covers roughly 224 square kilometres, with 147 kilometres of coastline and has a population of just over 1000 inhabitants. Elba is the third largest island in Italy and the largest of the minor islands. This is a brief description of the Island of Elba, also known as the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Island is located 10 kilometers from the Tuscan coastline, and is easily accessible in an hour's ferry ride from Piombino. The magnificent beauty of the island has allowed it to become one of the most popular tourist attractions, in the post-war decades. Elba is easily reached from the mainland thanks to the number of ferries, especially during the high season. It also has an airport in Marina di Campo, second town after the main Portoferraio.

It goes without saying that the biggest treasure of the Tuscan Archipelago is its sea. However it is worth mentioning the beauty of the little hill towns, where you sometimes even feel as if you are in the mountains. This is really the case of Marciana, a village situated on the highest mountain of the island which reaches an altitude of 1019 metres.

Crystal clear waters, surprisingly varied scenery, an abundance of flora and vegetation on uncontaminated land, enrich the Island of Elba, which forms part of the National Park of the Archipeligo of Tuscany. The island, usually very crowded during the summer months, is highly picturesque in spring. However, also in the autumn and the short winter the island is idyllic, thanks to its pleasant environment and mild weather, much appreciated by the ever growing number of tourists who flock there from around Europe.

    Airport Features:
  • runway, taxiway and parking area reproduced in great detail with customized textures for a "lived" look
  • airport buildings completely modeled in 3d studio MAX and compiled using the latest SDK for FS2004
  • photo-real textures for the whole airport
  • animations and special effects that can influence landing procedures
  • personalised AFCAD layout
  • designed using techniques that are frame rate friendly
  • Airport completely integrated with the surrounding area
    Island Features:
  • detailed mesh with a 1 arch/second resolution
  • faithful reproduction of every urban agglomerate on the island
  • perfect reproduction of all objects and VFR reference points along the glide path
  • animations and special effects
  • reproduction of all major light houses of the Island of Elba and its surroundings
  • animated ferries and boats

System Requirements:
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 - Windows XP/2000/ME/98 - CPU 1.8Ghz - RAM 256Mb - 80Mb HDD space - 32Mb Video Card - Sound Card - DirectX 8.0 or higher

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