Aviano Air Base scenery

In order to satisfy the needs of all customers who bought cloud9's military aircraft, we couldn't leave out a renowned military airport such as Aviano, located in the North East part of Italy.

Sixteenth Air Force in Aviano is the U.S. European Command's Air Force “war fighter” in the region, with forces continuously engaged in peace enforcement, humanitarian relief, crisis response, air deterrence or combat operations. With more expeditionary wings than permanent wings, 16th AF Aviano leads the Air Force expeditionary culture. In this “warfighting” and expeditionary leadership role, 16th AF Aviano supports Balkans peace enforcement and northern Iraq no-fly zone enforcement.

This scenery will include, like in the past cloud9 releases, some very detailed features and some spectacular special functions which we will tell you about in detail in the coming weeks. Keep track of what we are working on by visiting our website and forums regularly as this scenery will be a ‘must have' in your FS collection.

Technical details and screenshots soon.



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